The Couch Games 2020




To keep you fit, busy, and competitive in this time of uncertainty, we bring you the Wodable Couch Games!


The Couch Games will involve 7 daily workouts starting Monday 30th March, with the final workout being announced on Sunday 5th April. The deadline for submissions will be 8pm GMT on Monday 6th April.


As we are all well aware. The elderly are most susceptible to the Covid-19 virus, and unfortunately some of these people are also the most vulnerable in our society. For some, self isolation is not simply an option, but a day to day way of life. They may not have any family to provide food and support during this time of need. They may have nobody at all!


For this reason. We will be donating all profits from this competition to Age Concern . A charity dedicated to providing support to the elderly. 


We want as many of you to participate in this as possible. This is why entry is just £5.

Even if you don't want to partake in every workout. Your donation will go a long way to helping the elderly. 


So what will you need?

All you need is some space to perform bodyweight movements (including a wall free from and fixtures/hooks/shelving etc) and a phone or camera to record and upload your video submissions.



Lets sweeten the deal a little bit more.

1st Place male/female - £300 each

2nd Place male/female - £100 each

3rd Place male/female - £75 Wodable vouchers