Working with Wodable has been absolute joy. The team are creative, responsive & best of all super easy to work with
The Lean Machines
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Your consultation process is simple, effective and thorough. You can book a time to come down and see us in person or we can keep it all virtual in the ‘Zoom Room’. This is where we take your vision from conception to realisation. We will discuss all areas of the product(s) specification including; product function and intention, product design, print design (if applicable), colour choices, fabric choices and volume.

This is where you take your idea from realisation to creation . We take all of the ideas gathered from our consultation and begin to create your product in a real life visual.

If this is a complete custom design, we work with our designers to draw up product patterns, digitise sketches and formulate a real product image and specification with vector graphics (Ai, Eps, PDF).

If you have requested art work, our in-house designer will digitise your images or incorporate your logos into working fabric designs.

Working off your specifications, we begin to select colour gradients, fabric swatches, colour swatches and test print to fine tune the aesthetic of the physical items.


This is the really fun part when your ideas become reality.

We create a working prototype (or sample) of your product(s). If this is one of our tried and tested template designs, we know already how it functions and so can get about presenting this to you with your specification.

If this is a fully custom design, it will be tested in our facility under rigorous conditions to ensure it meets our high standards.

This will be your opportunity to tweak, change and refine any areas that need it and to sign off the final production.
We set to work. Your designs will be printed and your fabric generated. Our machine creatives will begin drawing out pieces, cutting, sewing and assembling your performance wear. Items will be labelled accordingly and prepped for checks.

Once your products have all under gone strict quality control checks they will be packaged up and prepared for shipping.

We recommend the following lead times for delivery dates: Template design - 3-4 weeks Fully custom designs - 4-6 weeks.

If you have a particular deadline that is outside of the above, please do still get in contact and we will see what is possible. We have the capacity able to priority produce and deliver, within reason and depending on volume.

  • Not just a B2B, but also a F2F (face to face). We are a great choice if you want to have a real connection with the people making your ideas come to life.
  • We are a British company, established in 2013.
  • We hold a large range of co-branded activewear ready for you to customise. This includes Sports Bra's, Leggings, Mens & Womens shorts, Socks, Headbands, Bags & more.
  • You can limit and reduce your carbon footprint and know your ethical impact.
  • No minimum order requirement! Meaning you can create fully unique, original and one-off pieces.
  • Low carbon fabrics and printing. You have the option to use fully and partially recycled fabrics to help keep your carbon footprint down.
  • Fast turnaround. With no time zone issues and no outsourcing of labour, we can go from conception to production in weeks, delivering to you in under a month.
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