Why your programming is getting you nowhere...

Why your programming is getting you nowhere...

So you are in a rut, struggle with niggles constantly, find it hard to fit your programming into your schedule and don’t always have the right kit for the prescribed workout? Sounds familiar to a lot of people who are reading this whilst following a blog programme, designed for the masses, not the individual.


These programmes are often the first step for someone with aspirations to compete in the sport of fitness. Blogs are cheap and often seem pretty exciting! Especially if the blog in question has a flagship athlete that is crushing it at regionals or the games. You are pretty much definitely going to be as good as them in a few months aren’t you?!


To be blunt, probably not. Anyone looking to compete in the sport, or simply to be as good as they can be in fitness needs an individual approach. Every person on this planet has a different training age (how long they have been training), biological age (your actual age), different genetics, different environmental factors, different training history, different goals, different physical and mental weaknesses/strengths that all need different approaches. 


To reach your maximum physical potential, this all has to be taken into account, assessed and then discussed with a coach. Someone who takes the time to get to know you and build a picture of who you are, what you need to work on and who knows how to systematically work on it. 


Training then slowly works towards these goals in a systematic manner, not cutting corners, building a foundation from which long term you can make consistent progress towards your goals. If you can’t do more than five kipping pull-ups then why are you attempting conditioning pieces that have sets of large unbroken kipping pull-ups in? 


An individual design is often not as exciting as working out in a group or on a blog. However if someone wants to reach their maximum physical potential, then they need to decide wether they want to just have ‘fun’ in the gym and do random bits that are not designed with them in mind, or wether they want to commit to long term progress and adaptation. 


Tom Mcpartlan

The Athlete System Head Coach


Check out - theathletesystem.co.uk

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